Hail, and well met Adventurer!


Welcome to a world where adventurers delve into the depths of ancient dungeons to win great treasures of old, heroes stave off the insidious plots of ambitious nobles, rouge wizards vie for power, and voracious dragons hunt. Welcome to a land whose elemental scared foundation has spawned generations of dazzling wonders and heart-stopping monstrosities..

Here lies great adventure and wonder for those who seek it. Intrepid wizards defy warnings scribed in the crumbling stone of ancient tombs. Brigands skulk in dark alleys and hidden corners of vast cities and quiet hamlets alike. Priests rally their flocks and pray for divine aide. Warlocks vie for mastery over ancient pacts whose origins are better left concealed. Noble Kings, Emperors, and Warlords scheme to expand their lands and power.

But here too, evil plots in the darkness, eager and willing to expand its icy reach from dripping dungeons, endless caverns, ruined cities, and the vast wild places of the world. Away from the main roads and the great cities, the countryside is wild and fearsome, hiding roaming gangs of vicious bandits, spying shades of the reborn Shadow, and vicious man-beasts, as well as deadly and ancient remnants of civilizations long lost to the records of time.

Titan is a world of wild beauty, primeval malice, and modern wonder. It is your land to shape, to guide, to defend, to conquer, or to rule.

Tales of Titan

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