Tales of Titan

Fort Cooper

Welcoming two new members to the intrepid group, Urza of Delanor and Cael Loinsigh, both wizards, the group continued its adventures in the country of Gelner. New to the area Cael was eager to sign up with the group and soon the adventurers found themselves in the employ of the Druids of the Fallen Leaf. Hoping to secure the friendship of the Druids, the party was given the task of clearing out a large group of gnolls who had fortified themselves in the northern edge of the Druid’s Wood.

Easily rooting out the Gnolls, the group rested and gathered their strength for several weeks before being contacted by Guard-Captain Foinar. Tasking the group with regaining contact with an outlaying fort along Devil’s Gorge and retrieving some important military documents, the party set off. Upon arriving at the fort the party was ambushed by bandits, but thanks to some quick magical work, the bandit’s were subdued and the party was able to negotiate for the bandits to abandon the fort. Once inside, it was discovered that the fort’s tower contained an undead garrison, but the party defeated the mindless walkers and recovered the documents.

Returning back to Gelner safe and sound, Urza of Delanor decided that this line of adventuring was just too rough and quietly left. Nicolai Czarka also decided that it was time for him to move on for the region and left as well.

Arrival of the Outriders

UntitledMeeting along the crowded merchant roads heading south from Kislav, three intrepid adventurers came together by chance. Nicolai Czarka, a nobleman of Kislav on the run, Isaac, a healer fleeing with his sick companion from a broken Delanor City, and Belgin, a dwarven beast master seeking fame and fortune far away from his besieged homeland. Although different, this motley group came together in companionship, hoping to gain protection in their journey.

Arriving at the trading hub of Gelner, the party of adventurers quickly found use of their skills. A local band of orcish outriders had been raiding trade caravans leaving the city and the Guard Captain was offering a sizable reward for their heads. Traveling to the nearby Grizzly Woods, the party waited in ambush for the orcs and was able to successfully engage the band of fiendish humanoids.

Although they defeated the orcs and their worg mounts in the first skirmish, many escaped. Foreseeing that those who fled might return for revenge, Belgin set forth an idea for ambush. Using spears and pikes, the party propped up the fallen bodies of the dead orcs around a large campfire and set an ambush in the tall grass of the plains outside the Grizzly Woods. Belgin’s foresight proved to be correct and a returning band of orcs fell for the trap. This time the orcs had neither the numbers nor the luck to escape. With all the orcs killed or captured save several of their intelligent worg mounts, who were able to beat a hasty retreat, the party rejoiced.

Thanks to a bit of magic, Nicolai was able to convince one of the orcs, named Morgash, to show the party the location of the orc lair. Finding the lair to contain some treasure, the party returned to the city wealthier men. However, upon the prying of Isaac, it became increasingly clear that the orcs had been operating under the secret command of some leader who apparently issued orders via notes of charcoal left on tanned hide. Although Morgash did not know who the leader was, he recalled that his leader would often travel to an old tower in the woods to gather orders. Unfortunately, the location of the tower was a closely held secret.

After resting and investigating the mysterious tanned hides for a day, the party was approached by a farmer from the outskirts of the city. Having heard news that they were the ones who had helped slay the orcs, he asked if the group would help him solve a problem of his own. The night before a group of savage worgs raided his farm and forced him and his family to flee, leaving their farm and all their possessions behind. In return for the party saving his farm, he agreed to share any information on the secret tower the party sought.

Riding to the farm, the party dispatched of the last of the worgs, only a couple managing to escape. The farmer’s homestead freed, the man informed the party that the tower they sought once belonged to an old wizard who died many years ago. Since his death, the tower had fallen into disrepair and had been left alone; for fear that it might contain magical traps.

With this information, the party sought out the tower. Once there, they were way-laid by a Voadkyn, or forest giant. Bringing the giant of the forest down with little difficulty, the party discovered several hides on the giant, proof that it had been he who had been commanding the orcs, as well as an Amulet of Madness, a cursed item that had no doubt lead the normally peaceful Voadkyn so such daring acts. With the giant dead, the party went on to explore the ruined tower.
Although a few traps gave the adventurers some shocks, they were able to loot the tower for many valuables and several magic items. Seeing the potential the tower had, being isolated yet sturdy as it was, Isaac and Belgin agreed that it would make an excellent base of operations for them in the area. With Nicolai having already rented a house in the city with which to build an altar to his God, Isaac and Belgin were able to procure several magic items to repair the tower and return it to operating condition.

Despite their good fortune, a bit of worry runs through the party, however. Whilst searching the tower, deep in the basement the group found a covered hole deep in the earth. Within this hole was a buried and sealed iron casket, with only an obscured and strangely frozen over porthole with which to view into. Wishing to find out its contents, the party used its magic to weaken the iron, cracking it open. Immediately a gush of freezing wind rushed from the capsule, forcing the party back. Seconds later, a strange and life like mist emerged, snaking its way past the party and into the woods, leaving no trace of his existence. Baffled, yet unharmed, the long imprisoned mist could entail trouble for group and the small principality of Gelner.

A Shot In The Dark


Enlisting the aide of a powerful wizard within the Imperial City, Lord Tantalus Swiftblade was eager to track down the cultists who had eloped with what he hoped to be his fortune; the bones of Gorbosh.With the wizard’s help, Tantalus had himself and one of his strongest warriors, Havar Lederman, teleported to the Imperial port city of Hafen, itself laying at the mouth of the river Rhein, in hopes of interdicting the thieving cultists.

Moving quickly through the city, Tantalus headed up the riverbank in search of the cultists’ ship. Along the way Tantalus was able to enlist the help of Alexander Markz, a retired Imperial Musketeer who had settled into a quiet life as a River Warden. We Markz’s aide, Tantalus was able to catch the ship and afford a forced boarding. The fighting was tough, but thanks to the quick navigation skills of Markz and Tantalus’s keen blades, the ship and its precious cargo was taken.

With his fortune once again in his possession, Tantalus hired on the intrepid Markz as a companion and headed back north to the Imperial City to sell the precious bones of Gorbosh. Experiencing no more interference from the cultists, Tantalus was able to sell the bones and collect an enormous sum in return. Delighted with his new fortune, Tantalus struck out to the Dwarven citadel of Khazad’Tor in hopes of meeting up with the master smith, Droger Silveraxe.

Arriving at the Khazad’Tor, Tantalus was quickly able to locate Droger, who had already prepared a group of willing smiths to craft the armor from the scales of Gorbosh. Unfortunately, several obstacles still stood before Tantalus and his armor. First, the coals of the ancient forge that Droger had hoped to use were cold, having not been used for decades after the death of the stronghold’s greatest smith. In order to relight the forge access to it would need to first be negotiated with the clan who controlled it.

With a bit of coin, Tantalus was able to give Droger access to the forge but the next step in the process would prove to be more difficult. Ancient forges such as these required special coals to heat the center; coals forged of the purest adamantine, etched in the holiest of dwarven runes, and enchanted with powerful elemental magics. For a price Droger was able to have the coals forged and the runes etched, but imbuing them with the magic required would be far more difficult. In order for the coals to function, the breath of a powerful elemental dragon would need to breath upon the coals, immediately after which a powerful wizard would be needed to seal the magic in the coals. Thankfully for Tantalus, (and perhaps by some divine luck) he knew just the man with access to a dragon a the coin to pay for the services of a powerful wizard.

Traveling to the city of Brakley within Tyvarre, Tantalus meet his old friend Tier. Tier, a bard of some renown and skill, was the proud owner of a flourishing tavern and playhouse… as well as the master of a young white dragon that he had coddled since its infancy. Striking up a bargain, Tantalus was able to have the dragon, Freijord, breath upon the coals and the magic sealed by a power mage. Quickly returning to Khazad’Tor, Tantalus turned over the coals to Droger and the forging began.

Although it requires some months to forge, the process eventually yielded a magnificent set of dragon scale armor. Named the Scale of Gorbosh, Tantalus donned his great prize and set his sights back on his original goal: his mission in Tyvarre.

Dragon Reborn

Setting out with his newly formed caravan, Lord Tantalus Swiftblade decided to make towards the Imperial City with all due haste. Stowing away a large hide of scales from the dragon he had slain, as well as the bones of the once fiery creature, Tantalus hoped that the Imperial City would contain some prospective buyers, as well as skilled armorsmiths with which to forge the scales into armor.

On the eight night of his journey, in the dead of night, silent blades sunk deep into the throats of the watch guards surrounding the camp. Without delay, the silent assassins descended upon the camp, attempting to assassinate the elven sword master. The hardy elf would not be taken by surprise, however, and rose to meet the assassins, killing them all to the last man. The assassins possessed nothing with which to identify themselves, save a horrific brand upon their chests, a brand that looked something like a winged dragon. Gathering the dead murderers and the dozen dead soldiers, the bodies were buried with much ceremony and the group pressed on.

After passing through a few cities, paying tolls, and eventually hiring a boat to take them down the river Rhein, the company arrived in the famed Imperial City. Awed by the magnificence of the city, the men were more than happy to spend a few days enjoying what it had to offer them. Such rest would not be for the ever energetic Lord Swiftblade, and so he set out immediately to find an armorsmith with enough talent to craft him the armor he wished. Searching high and low in the city’s dwarven district, Tantalus found a dwarven smith by the name of Drogar. A broken dwarf with little to sell in his shop, Drogar at first refused to help the elf, however, upon hearing that the elf wished for a glorious suit of dragon scale armor to be crafted, Drogar reconsidered and energetically assented to help craft the suit. However, Drogar admitted that, although his skill was great, the armor would require someone with yet more, as well as the proper facilities in which to forge it. Thankfully, such a smith and facilities exist in a Dwarven Stronghold not too far off from the city. Eager to get his armor forged, Tantalus agreed to venture with Drogar to the stronghold, but asked for Drogar to hold off until he could wrap up some affairs.

Having brought the bones of the dragon with him, Tantalus was looking to attempt to sell them off, as well as do a bit of recruiting in the city. Organizing a strong advertisement campaign at local taverns and inns, Tantalus managed to sign up a large number of men to join his company, almost doubling his number. During the night of his great recruitment success, another assassination attempt occurred against Tantalus. Having been unknowingly poisoned before hand, the assassin was nearly succesful, but Tantalus managed to fend him off and even chase him down into the sewers as he fled. Finding the assassin in a gutter, the unknown man sunk a blade into his own heart to prevent capture. Inspecting the body, Tantalus found the same eery dragon brand. Stumbling through the sewers, wounded an poisoned, he eventually encountered an Imperial patrol, which brought him back to the surface.

Upon returning to his men and resting, Tantalus received more bad news. In the middle of the night, the dragon bones had been spirited away. Ignoring his wounds, Tantalus rushed to investigate, intimidating his way into learning that a caravel had left the city port some hours earlier, being the only ship large enough that could transport the bones, Tantalus rushed off to catch it, but only saw its sail disappear down river. Returning to the city and rallying his men, Tantalus is eager to chase down the thieves who have stolen his prospective fortune.

Unusual Alliances

Although some miles apart from one another, two men decided that their current positions were no longer suitable to continuing their goals. Reduke Ironaxe, champion of Krazzak’Modan, and the Elders of the stronghold were growing increasingly worried that the civil war in Tyvarre and the sudden siege of Fort August by a clan of trolls would bring further strife down upon them. Still short on gold to supply its militia, and with the Champion unsure of his ability to defend the Hold single handedly, Reduke requested permission to venture out in order to try and find some means of strengthening Krazzak’Modan. Although wary at the proposition of sending their strongest fighter away, the Elders agreed that simply waiting could cost them a far more dear price in the future. With that, Reduke struck out towards Halkirk in hopes of finding something that could help his people.

About the same time as the noble dwarf was setting out from Krazzak’Modan, a mage apprentice became convinced that his tenure under Mangister Quintis was coming to an end of its usefulness. Informing the Magister and the other apprentices in the tower of his departure, he struck out in the early morning hours to Halkirk with the intention of purchasing a few supplies. A staunch critic of what he saw as a “Fool’s war between even more foolish nobles” was, he first unsure of what step to take next. However, on his journey he recalled that some of his readings on the local history of the area hinted at the presence of an elven ruin somewhere along the banks of the Northwood river. Looking to test out some of his magical abilities, and hoping to find some sort of magical items that could enhance his power, the cunning mage hurried to Halkirk to gather what supplies he could.

Both arriving in Halkirk around the same time, Reduke and the mage encountered one another whilst purchasing supplies at one of the local taverns. Overhearing from a coverstation taking place between the mage and a courier that there might be elven ruins about, Reduke approached the mage in the hopes of a join expedition. Not altogether terribly keen on diving into a ruin alone, the mage accepted the proposal and they group left early the next morning.

The journey to the Northwood river didn’t take very long, but along the way some of the first signs of the mage’s “unique” nature began to reveal itself to the dwarven Champion. Attempting to avoid a clever ambush established by some local bandits, Reduke and the mage found themselves teaching the brigands a lesson in combat. During the engagement most of the bandits were slain, but the mage did manage to charm a few of the thieves and convince them to lead him to their hideout. Expecting something simple, the group found a more extensive fortification that previously believed and decided to seek out the bandits as mercenaries. Promising good coin to be made, the bandit leader, Moren, decided to overlook the deaths of a few of his men and send a squad of bandits along with the mage and Reduke. Although not overjoyed at the prospect of working with bandits, Reduke held his tongue.

Working their way to the Northwood river from that point was fairly easy. A few days travel and the small band found itself entering the outskirts of the Forgotten Wood where it ran along the banks of the mountain river. Alas, the adventurers would find no ruins during their search, and during the second day of exploration where ambushed by a group of marauding orcs from the nearby Gurbash fortress. The combat that ensued was as intense as it was strange. Seeking to make contact with the orcs, the mage surrendered, laying down his arms. Unwilling to lay down his hammer to a group of “dirty green skins,” Reduke fought the raiders tooth and nail. Unfortunately for the dwarf, and a few of the bandits who had tagged along, the arrow fire from the orcs across the banks was withering. Reduke was forced to retreat, and the mage was left to be captured.

Taken by the orcs to fortress Gurbash, the focal point of a gathering humanoid army composed of orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and even a few trolls, the mage was thrown before the throne of Warchief Killgut, a half orc-half ogre of immeanse power and strength. A few clever words and the flick of a silver tongue spared the mage from the cooking pot. Pledging his loyalty to the Warchief, paying tribute, and agreeing to eliminate a problem with a innsolent group of ogres and rogue hill giants, and the mage was released. During this time, Reduke managed to sneak his away around the fortress, gleefully ambushing wandering patrols with surprising effectiveness. Who would have expected such of a dwarf?

With mission in mind and his freedom restored, although limited, the mage set out to deal with the ogres, meeting Reduke along the way. At this point the mage explained his true intentions to the dwarf, how he had pledged loyalty, and how he intended to help the humanoids attack the human armies and possibly aide them in assasinating the human nobles. Disgusted, Reduke left his comrade, setting off to warn the humans and return to his home, thoroughly discouraged with his second excursion from Krazzak’Modan.

Adventurers: Reduke Ironaxe

Exile, Dreams, and Awakening

After narrowly escaping the cruel daggers of the Matron Mother via a botched teleportation spell, House Male and mage Veldrin Alean’ana of House Valoth awoke to find himself wet and shivering on the surface world.

Veldrin, a drow by birth, was quickly forced to adapt to his new surroundings and, thankfully for him, was eventually found by a patrol of “outcasts.” Taken back to their secret home and community deep in the caves of some unknown mountain range, Veldrin found some degree of safety. After about a month of acclamation to his new home, Veldrin decided to become more proactive in the affairs taking place around him. Rallying a few members of his “assigned group” and getting permission from the leadership of the outcasts,Veldrin decided to delve into a sealed cave network in order to kill or capture a rogue outcast by the name of Dell.

Although the mission was successful and Dell was captured,part of the cave’s resource rich garden was burned and two of Veldrin’s companions were lost to the devilish appetite of a Giant Pike. Returning with his ward and a blue crystal requested by Adraxis Kyte, Veldrin hung his head low.

His spirits lowered by his less than perfect performance, Veldrin decided to refocus his attention to the less dangerous and more rewarding task of scroll scribing. Finding that one of the components, a strange sort of magic mold, was in short supply, Veldrin descended down into an area known as the Dark Jungle. Assured that the risk was minimal, Veldrin thought he would be safe from repeating his earlier blunders. He was to be disappointed. During the reagent collection a massive Dire Wolf the size of a large bear covered in deep and menancing scars attacked Veldrin and his companion, Selene. In the rush to evade the massive beast, Veldrin’s magic set fire to a part of the Dark Jungle.

Upon return, Veldrin was called forward by the outcast leadership and asked to account for his repeated destruction of such vital resource areas. Veldrin’s defense that his actions were done in the preservation of his and his companion’s lives fell on relatively deaf ears. Veldrin was found guilty of harming the tribe and his sentence was to be executed by his Overseer, Adraxis Kyte. Kyte, being a cruel and sadistic man, gave Veldrin two choices: grovel, or suffer a mind wipe and be thrown out of the tribe. Veldrin, being the noble drow he is, chose to accept the exile.

Waking to the slight drip of raindrops on his head, Veldrin found himself on the outskirts of a small forest, his memory of his earlier experiences completely gone. Rousing himself and setting out to find some direction, Veldrin ventured into the forest. Veldrin’s luck would once again prove absent when, during his languishing march through the now pouring rain, he was attacked by one of the most vicious beasts of the wood, a shimmering monster which appeared to be some sort of panther. A scuffle ensued and in the seconds before it would seem that Veldrin would perish for good, the shimmering panther was forced back by a mysterious ranger.Thankful for his rescue, Veldrin followed the quiet ranger, and was lead to a small settlement of goblin like creatures in the wood, where he was given refuge.

Lost in a new world, Veldrin is struggling to find some sort of security in a land he knows nothing of. Unless some security can be found, this new world might just swallow up the young and brash mageling.

Adevnturers: Veldrin Alean’ana

First Blood

Setting out on her first major assignment from Bishop Balyn, Catherine made her way to the small village of Riom. For some time now communication with the small farming village had ceased, and rumors were starting to spread that a vile stench floated on the winds from Riom. Her mission was to investigate the village for any signs of undead and purge it should she find any. Saving any survivors was secondary.

After making her way to the area outside of Riom and gathering information from several locals and road watchers, Celia encountered the first signs of undead at a local tavern some miles outside of the village. There she found a small cadre of Ghouls, which she quickly dispatched. Heading out early the next morn, Catherine came into the quiet town of Riom to find the villagers held up in the local chapel and undead wandering the streets.Drawing upon her training, Catherine managed to slay the wandering abominations and root out their source in the local lord’s manor. There she cleared out the small coven of Ghouls hiding in the blood soaked hallways of the manor, nearly falling prey to the potent touch of the horrific undead in the process.

With the undead presence eradicated, and the remaining survivors free, Catherine said little. Sheathing her sword, she silenty began her march back to Dulaque, her mission complete.

Adventurers: Catherine

Trial by Fire

After a long journey through the Arrios Sea and a few days organizing in the port city of Moreth, the self styled Lord Tantalus Swiftblade set out on the imperial highway with his small band of mercenaries. After quickly dispatching of a small yet highly organized group of bandits on the way… the trip north to Tyvarre was going fairly well for the intrepid High Elf.

During the course of the march, a small snag was hit. After encountering a group of Imperial Highway Wardens and learning that he required special permits to march his armed men through the Empire, Tantalus was forced to take a detour to the city of Nordheim, there he would appeal for the necessary permits to continue on his journey. After much headache the documents were attained and, picking up a few dwarven mercenaries to join his band, Tantalus set out to link back up with his men and press on to Tyvarre. Along the road back to the village where his soldiers were making camp, an instance of true chance occured. For many this chance could be viewed as terrifying, to the elf warrior, it would prove to be a defining and life altering encounter.

Descending from the mountain path south of Nordheim, a great roar could be heard erupting from the sky. Looking down upon the plain before them, a dark cloud could at first be seen soaring through the clouds. As the thing continued to whirl and descend to the ground, the glare of the sun waned and the creature’s visage was seen; a red dragon of some size was below. To his kin, he was known as Gorbosh, to all others, unknown.

Seizing the initiative, Tantalus plunged into the valley after the dragon and with hard riding caught up with the beast. Gorbosh, a young headstrong male out on his own for the first time, engaged the brash elf and a fight ensued. In an action that most, if not all, men would have considered complete suicide, Tantalus managed to slay the mighty beast in one magnificent swoop. Having survived the vicious stream of fire from the dragon’s maw, the beast swoops down from the heavens, clamping its powerful jaws around the elf to rend him to pieces, but the dragon underestimated Tantalus’s skill with the sword. As the iron teeth of Gorbosh sank deep past the enchanted armor into the flesh of Tantalus, the elf struck precisely, sinking the powerful sword, Night’s Walker, directly into the eye of Gorbosh. With a few arrows and a keek strike, Gorbosh was thus laid low by Lord Swiftblade. The cost for Tantalus was great, his body was broken by the attack, and his life hung precariously close to being extinguised. Luckily, the dwarves that Tantalus brought with him arrived, and through their efforts, he managed to survive.

With the death of Gorbosh and subsequential auctioning off of the beast’s various parts, Tantalus was acknowledged by the local lords and has become something of a hero in the area of Nordheim. Slaying a dragon is no common occurance. Although an elf, this warrior has certainly passed his trial, and any Imperial soldier can certainly respect this elf’s battle prowess.

But with attention such as this, the eyes of the less savory elements of society are also turned to this new character on the map. Only time will tell if the attention showered on Tantalus for his conquest will continue to be beneficial to the fierce warrior of the sword.

Adventurers: Tantalus Swiftblade

Unearthed Secrets

Setting out on an expedition into the dark caves of the Dragon Peaks, Imperial scholar Leonard Haldrum, Professor Pilpin Philwistion, and Imperial Battlemage Titus Verenus delved into the reopened mines of Krazzak’Modan. The intrepid explorers hoped that the mines, recently cleared of a giant arachnid infestation by the Champion of Krazzak’Modan, Reduke Ironaxe, would hold long seen hidden knowledge and perhaps even some hidden wonders. As it turned out, the mines contained far more than the explorers baragined for, o wonders they would find.

Disovering a long since hidden cave system resting in the mines, the group delved deep and uncovered a large cavern complex dominated by an underground lake, mushroom forests, and strange purple crystals. After a few minor scuffles with vicious Hook Horrors and devious Grimlocks, Pilpin Pilwhistion went missing in the dead of night. In their search to find the eccentric professor, the group stumbled upon one of the fierciest creatures of Titan, a Greater Basilisk. Thinking quickly, the group managed to vanquish the vicious lizard by utilizing a potent scroll of monster summoing. Overwhelmed by the forces around it, the mighty creature eventually succumbed to the clever tactics of the explorers, allowing them to sieze the might horde compiled by the beast.

Unfortunately for the group, they unknowlingly stumbled upon something far more ancient and dangerous than they could have thought; the secret entrance to the hidden forest of the Dragon Peaks. The entrance, known as the Deep Gate, is protected by the elven order known as the the Wardens of the Mount. Surrounded and outnumbered, the group was given the option of death or eternal confinement in the upper peaks until a series of trials were completed. They chose to live.

Now the expedition finds itself in the dense and untamed ironwood forest of the Dragon Peaks,long since forgotton by all but its protectors. If the group is ever to leave the forest, they must prove themselves worthy of the trust of the elves and complete a dangerous set of tests. Forced to brave the trials set before them by their new elven wardens, the expedition must fight if it ever wishes to return to the world below.

Adventurers: Leonard Haldrum, Pilpin Philwistion, Titus Verenus

Treachery and Exile

The Axehead Company has been decimated.

The weeks preceding the disaster were filled with boredom and increasingly light pockets for the mercenaries of the company before Captain Jochin announced that a big job was waiting in the small port city of Bolougna. Thrilled at the prospect of coin, the fifty warriors of the company were roused to march. Among these men was the skilled falconer and ranger, Ajax. Ajax was a lower ranking member of the company that had more or less kept to himself, however, the journey to Bolougna would change that.

During the march the company was ambushed by a large and well organized group of marauding hill giants who had cleverly managed to bottle the mercenary band in a low lying area in the hills west of Bolougna. Although they were taken by surprise, the experience of the company and the dashing heroics of Ajax saved the Axehead Company from certain doom. Although severely weakened, the band of warriors found refuge in Bolougna. However, unbeknowst to the footsoldiers of the company, their Captain had sold them out. Jochin, tired of the mercenary business and eager to take all of the reward money for killing the giants for himself, struck a deal with the lord of the city. Lord Montroy, a man who already despised “mercenary swine” readily accepted the deal set forth before him. The Company thought they had found refuge in the city they helped to protect, but instead they were betrayed and on the orders of Lord Montroy of Bolougna, were slaugtered in their slumber.

Ajax managed to survive the betrayal by having the luck of being out in the city when the guards descended upon the restful warriors and escaped the city on board a trading galleon named Maiden’s Bounty. Having waited for many weeks aboard the Maiden’s Bounty,Ajax now finds himself in Crestfall, the window city of distant and foreign Winrest Isles. So far away from Bolougna and the Lirian coast, perhaps Ajax can find some safety from those who wished him dead.

Adventurers: Ajax


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