Tales of Titan

A Shot In The Dark


Enlisting the aide of a powerful wizard within the Imperial City, Lord Tantalus Swiftblade was eager to track down the cultists who had eloped with what he hoped to be his fortune; the bones of Gorbosh.With the wizard’s help, Tantalus had himself and one of his strongest warriors, Havar Lederman, teleported to the Imperial port city of Hafen, itself laying at the mouth of the river Rhein, in hopes of interdicting the thieving cultists.

Moving quickly through the city, Tantalus headed up the riverbank in search of the cultists’ ship. Along the way Tantalus was able to enlist the help of Alexander Markz, a retired Imperial Musketeer who had settled into a quiet life as a River Warden. We Markz’s aide, Tantalus was able to catch the ship and afford a forced boarding. The fighting was tough, but thanks to the quick navigation skills of Markz and Tantalus’s keen blades, the ship and its precious cargo was taken.

With his fortune once again in his possession, Tantalus hired on the intrepid Markz as a companion and headed back north to the Imperial City to sell the precious bones of Gorbosh. Experiencing no more interference from the cultists, Tantalus was able to sell the bones and collect an enormous sum in return. Delighted with his new fortune, Tantalus struck out to the Dwarven citadel of Khazad’Tor in hopes of meeting up with the master smith, Droger Silveraxe.

Arriving at the Khazad’Tor, Tantalus was quickly able to locate Droger, who had already prepared a group of willing smiths to craft the armor from the scales of Gorbosh. Unfortunately, several obstacles still stood before Tantalus and his armor. First, the coals of the ancient forge that Droger had hoped to use were cold, having not been used for decades after the death of the stronghold’s greatest smith. In order to relight the forge access to it would need to first be negotiated with the clan who controlled it.

With a bit of coin, Tantalus was able to give Droger access to the forge but the next step in the process would prove to be more difficult. Ancient forges such as these required special coals to heat the center; coals forged of the purest adamantine, etched in the holiest of dwarven runes, and enchanted with powerful elemental magics. For a price Droger was able to have the coals forged and the runes etched, but imbuing them with the magic required would be far more difficult. In order for the coals to function, the breath of a powerful elemental dragon would need to breath upon the coals, immediately after which a powerful wizard would be needed to seal the magic in the coals. Thankfully for Tantalus, (and perhaps by some divine luck) he knew just the man with access to a dragon a the coin to pay for the services of a powerful wizard.

Traveling to the city of Brakley within Tyvarre, Tantalus meet his old friend Tier. Tier, a bard of some renown and skill, was the proud owner of a flourishing tavern and playhouse… as well as the master of a young white dragon that he had coddled since its infancy. Striking up a bargain, Tantalus was able to have the dragon, Freijord, breath upon the coals and the magic sealed by a power mage. Quickly returning to Khazad’Tor, Tantalus turned over the coals to Droger and the forging began.

Although it requires some months to forge, the process eventually yielded a magnificent set of dragon scale armor. Named the Scale of Gorbosh, Tantalus donned his great prize and set his sights back on his original goal: his mission in Tyvarre.



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