Tales of Titan

Dragon Reborn

Setting out with his newly formed caravan, Lord Tantalus Swiftblade decided to make towards the Imperial City with all due haste. Stowing away a large hide of scales from the dragon he had slain, as well as the bones of the once fiery creature, Tantalus hoped that the Imperial City would contain some prospective buyers, as well as skilled armorsmiths with which to forge the scales into armor.

On the eight night of his journey, in the dead of night, silent blades sunk deep into the throats of the watch guards surrounding the camp. Without delay, the silent assassins descended upon the camp, attempting to assassinate the elven sword master. The hardy elf would not be taken by surprise, however, and rose to meet the assassins, killing them all to the last man. The assassins possessed nothing with which to identify themselves, save a horrific brand upon their chests, a brand that looked something like a winged dragon. Gathering the dead murderers and the dozen dead soldiers, the bodies were buried with much ceremony and the group pressed on.

After passing through a few cities, paying tolls, and eventually hiring a boat to take them down the river Rhein, the company arrived in the famed Imperial City. Awed by the magnificence of the city, the men were more than happy to spend a few days enjoying what it had to offer them. Such rest would not be for the ever energetic Lord Swiftblade, and so he set out immediately to find an armorsmith with enough talent to craft him the armor he wished. Searching high and low in the city’s dwarven district, Tantalus found a dwarven smith by the name of Drogar. A broken dwarf with little to sell in his shop, Drogar at first refused to help the elf, however, upon hearing that the elf wished for a glorious suit of dragon scale armor to be crafted, Drogar reconsidered and energetically assented to help craft the suit. However, Drogar admitted that, although his skill was great, the armor would require someone with yet more, as well as the proper facilities in which to forge it. Thankfully, such a smith and facilities exist in a Dwarven Stronghold not too far off from the city. Eager to get his armor forged, Tantalus agreed to venture with Drogar to the stronghold, but asked for Drogar to hold off until he could wrap up some affairs.

Having brought the bones of the dragon with him, Tantalus was looking to attempt to sell them off, as well as do a bit of recruiting in the city. Organizing a strong advertisement campaign at local taverns and inns, Tantalus managed to sign up a large number of men to join his company, almost doubling his number. During the night of his great recruitment success, another assassination attempt occurred against Tantalus. Having been unknowingly poisoned before hand, the assassin was nearly succesful, but Tantalus managed to fend him off and even chase him down into the sewers as he fled. Finding the assassin in a gutter, the unknown man sunk a blade into his own heart to prevent capture. Inspecting the body, Tantalus found the same eery dragon brand. Stumbling through the sewers, wounded an poisoned, he eventually encountered an Imperial patrol, which brought him back to the surface.

Upon returning to his men and resting, Tantalus received more bad news. In the middle of the night, the dragon bones had been spirited away. Ignoring his wounds, Tantalus rushed to investigate, intimidating his way into learning that a caravel had left the city port some hours earlier, being the only ship large enough that could transport the bones, Tantalus rushed off to catch it, but only saw its sail disappear down river. Returning to the city and rallying his men, Tantalus is eager to chase down the thieves who have stolen his prospective fortune.



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