Tales of Titan

Exile, Dreams, and Awakening

After narrowly escaping the cruel daggers of the Matron Mother via a botched teleportation spell, House Male and mage Veldrin Alean’ana of House Valoth awoke to find himself wet and shivering on the surface world.

Veldrin, a drow by birth, was quickly forced to adapt to his new surroundings and, thankfully for him, was eventually found by a patrol of “outcasts.” Taken back to their secret home and community deep in the caves of some unknown mountain range, Veldrin found some degree of safety. After about a month of acclamation to his new home, Veldrin decided to become more proactive in the affairs taking place around him. Rallying a few members of his “assigned group” and getting permission from the leadership of the outcasts,Veldrin decided to delve into a sealed cave network in order to kill or capture a rogue outcast by the name of Dell.

Although the mission was successful and Dell was captured,part of the cave’s resource rich garden was burned and two of Veldrin’s companions were lost to the devilish appetite of a Giant Pike. Returning with his ward and a blue crystal requested by Adraxis Kyte, Veldrin hung his head low.

His spirits lowered by his less than perfect performance, Veldrin decided to refocus his attention to the less dangerous and more rewarding task of scroll scribing. Finding that one of the components, a strange sort of magic mold, was in short supply, Veldrin descended down into an area known as the Dark Jungle. Assured that the risk was minimal, Veldrin thought he would be safe from repeating his earlier blunders. He was to be disappointed. During the reagent collection a massive Dire Wolf the size of a large bear covered in deep and menancing scars attacked Veldrin and his companion, Selene. In the rush to evade the massive beast, Veldrin’s magic set fire to a part of the Dark Jungle.

Upon return, Veldrin was called forward by the outcast leadership and asked to account for his repeated destruction of such vital resource areas. Veldrin’s defense that his actions were done in the preservation of his and his companion’s lives fell on relatively deaf ears. Veldrin was found guilty of harming the tribe and his sentence was to be executed by his Overseer, Adraxis Kyte. Kyte, being a cruel and sadistic man, gave Veldrin two choices: grovel, or suffer a mind wipe and be thrown out of the tribe. Veldrin, being the noble drow he is, chose to accept the exile.

Waking to the slight drip of raindrops on his head, Veldrin found himself on the outskirts of a small forest, his memory of his earlier experiences completely gone. Rousing himself and setting out to find some direction, Veldrin ventured into the forest. Veldrin’s luck would once again prove absent when, during his languishing march through the now pouring rain, he was attacked by one of the most vicious beasts of the wood, a shimmering monster which appeared to be some sort of panther. A scuffle ensued and in the seconds before it would seem that Veldrin would perish for good, the shimmering panther was forced back by a mysterious ranger.Thankful for his rescue, Veldrin followed the quiet ranger, and was lead to a small settlement of goblin like creatures in the wood, where he was given refuge.

Lost in a new world, Veldrin is struggling to find some sort of security in a land he knows nothing of. Unless some security can be found, this new world might just swallow up the young and brash mageling.

Adevnturers: Veldrin Alean’ana



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