Tales of Titan

First Blood

Setting out on her first major assignment from Bishop Balyn, Catherine made her way to the small village of Riom. For some time now communication with the small farming village had ceased, and rumors were starting to spread that a vile stench floated on the winds from Riom. Her mission was to investigate the village for any signs of undead and purge it should she find any. Saving any survivors was secondary.

After making her way to the area outside of Riom and gathering information from several locals and road watchers, Celia encountered the first signs of undead at a local tavern some miles outside of the village. There she found a small cadre of Ghouls, which she quickly dispatched. Heading out early the next morn, Catherine came into the quiet town of Riom to find the villagers held up in the local chapel and undead wandering the streets.Drawing upon her training, Catherine managed to slay the wandering abominations and root out their source in the local lord’s manor. There she cleared out the small coven of Ghouls hiding in the blood soaked hallways of the manor, nearly falling prey to the potent touch of the horrific undead in the process.

With the undead presence eradicated, and the remaining survivors free, Catherine said little. Sheathing her sword, she silenty began her march back to Dulaque, her mission complete.

Adventurers: Catherine



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