Tales of Titan

Fort Cooper

Welcoming two new members to the intrepid group, Urza of Delanor and Cael Loinsigh, both wizards, the group continued its adventures in the country of Gelner. New to the area Cael was eager to sign up with the group and soon the adventurers found themselves in the employ of the Druids of the Fallen Leaf. Hoping to secure the friendship of the Druids, the party was given the task of clearing out a large group of gnolls who had fortified themselves in the northern edge of the Druid’s Wood.

Easily rooting out the Gnolls, the group rested and gathered their strength for several weeks before being contacted by Guard-Captain Foinar. Tasking the group with regaining contact with an outlaying fort along Devil’s Gorge and retrieving some important military documents, the party set off. Upon arriving at the fort the party was ambushed by bandits, but thanks to some quick magical work, the bandit’s were subdued and the party was able to negotiate for the bandits to abandon the fort. Once inside, it was discovered that the fort’s tower contained an undead garrison, but the party defeated the mindless walkers and recovered the documents.

Returning back to Gelner safe and sound, Urza of Delanor decided that this line of adventuring was just too rough and quietly left. Nicolai Czarka also decided that it was time for him to move on for the region and left as well.



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