Tales of Titan

Treachery and Exile

The Axehead Company has been decimated.

The weeks preceding the disaster were filled with boredom and increasingly light pockets for the mercenaries of the company before Captain Jochin announced that a big job was waiting in the small port city of Bolougna. Thrilled at the prospect of coin, the fifty warriors of the company were roused to march. Among these men was the skilled falconer and ranger, Ajax. Ajax was a lower ranking member of the company that had more or less kept to himself, however, the journey to Bolougna would change that.

During the march the company was ambushed by a large and well organized group of marauding hill giants who had cleverly managed to bottle the mercenary band in a low lying area in the hills west of Bolougna. Although they were taken by surprise, the experience of the company and the dashing heroics of Ajax saved the Axehead Company from certain doom. Although severely weakened, the band of warriors found refuge in Bolougna. However, unbeknowst to the footsoldiers of the company, their Captain had sold them out. Jochin, tired of the mercenary business and eager to take all of the reward money for killing the giants for himself, struck a deal with the lord of the city. Lord Montroy, a man who already despised “mercenary swine” readily accepted the deal set forth before him. The Company thought they had found refuge in the city they helped to protect, but instead they were betrayed and on the orders of Lord Montroy of Bolougna, were slaugtered in their slumber.

Ajax managed to survive the betrayal by having the luck of being out in the city when the guards descended upon the restful warriors and escaped the city on board a trading galleon named Maiden’s Bounty. Having waited for many weeks aboard the Maiden’s Bounty,Ajax now finds himself in Crestfall, the window city of distant and foreign Winrest Isles. So far away from Bolougna and the Lirian coast, perhaps Ajax can find some safety from those who wished him dead.

Adventurers: Ajax


You forgot to add that he burned the lord alive inside a web covered inn.

Treachery and Exile

Technically the Lord was outside when he cast the spell, and if he was caught be the web there is no way to 100% know he perished in the fire.

Treachery and Exile

No, but I can hope at least :)

Treachery and Exile

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