Tales of Titan

Trial by Fire

After a long journey through the Arrios Sea and a few days organizing in the port city of Moreth, the self styled Lord Tantalus Swiftblade set out on the imperial highway with his small band of mercenaries. After quickly dispatching of a small yet highly organized group of bandits on the way… the trip north to Tyvarre was going fairly well for the intrepid High Elf.

During the course of the march, a small snag was hit. After encountering a group of Imperial Highway Wardens and learning that he required special permits to march his armed men through the Empire, Tantalus was forced to take a detour to the city of Nordheim, there he would appeal for the necessary permits to continue on his journey. After much headache the documents were attained and, picking up a few dwarven mercenaries to join his band, Tantalus set out to link back up with his men and press on to Tyvarre. Along the road back to the village where his soldiers were making camp, an instance of true chance occured. For many this chance could be viewed as terrifying, to the elf warrior, it would prove to be a defining and life altering encounter.

Descending from the mountain path south of Nordheim, a great roar could be heard erupting from the sky. Looking down upon the plain before them, a dark cloud could at first be seen soaring through the clouds. As the thing continued to whirl and descend to the ground, the glare of the sun waned and the creature’s visage was seen; a red dragon of some size was below. To his kin, he was known as Gorbosh, to all others, unknown.

Seizing the initiative, Tantalus plunged into the valley after the dragon and with hard riding caught up with the beast. Gorbosh, a young headstrong male out on his own for the first time, engaged the brash elf and a fight ensued. In an action that most, if not all, men would have considered complete suicide, Tantalus managed to slay the mighty beast in one magnificent swoop. Having survived the vicious stream of fire from the dragon’s maw, the beast swoops down from the heavens, clamping its powerful jaws around the elf to rend him to pieces, but the dragon underestimated Tantalus’s skill with the sword. As the iron teeth of Gorbosh sank deep past the enchanted armor into the flesh of Tantalus, the elf struck precisely, sinking the powerful sword, Night’s Walker, directly into the eye of Gorbosh. With a few arrows and a keek strike, Gorbosh was thus laid low by Lord Swiftblade. The cost for Tantalus was great, his body was broken by the attack, and his life hung precariously close to being extinguised. Luckily, the dwarves that Tantalus brought with him arrived, and through their efforts, he managed to survive.

With the death of Gorbosh and subsequential auctioning off of the beast’s various parts, Tantalus was acknowledged by the local lords and has become something of a hero in the area of Nordheim. Slaying a dragon is no common occurance. Although an elf, this warrior has certainly passed his trial, and any Imperial soldier can certainly respect this elf’s battle prowess.

But with attention such as this, the eyes of the less savory elements of society are also turned to this new character on the map. Only time will tell if the attention showered on Tantalus for his conquest will continue to be beneficial to the fierce warrior of the sword.

Adventurers: Tantalus Swiftblade



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