Tales of Titan

Unearthed Secrets

Setting out on an expedition into the dark caves of the Dragon Peaks, Imperial scholar Leonard Haldrum, Professor Pilpin Philwistion, and Imperial Battlemage Titus Verenus delved into the reopened mines of Krazzak’Modan. The intrepid explorers hoped that the mines, recently cleared of a giant arachnid infestation by the Champion of Krazzak’Modan, Reduke Ironaxe, would hold long seen hidden knowledge and perhaps even some hidden wonders. As it turned out, the mines contained far more than the explorers baragined for, o wonders they would find.

Disovering a long since hidden cave system resting in the mines, the group delved deep and uncovered a large cavern complex dominated by an underground lake, mushroom forests, and strange purple crystals. After a few minor scuffles with vicious Hook Horrors and devious Grimlocks, Pilpin Pilwhistion went missing in the dead of night. In their search to find the eccentric professor, the group stumbled upon one of the fierciest creatures of Titan, a Greater Basilisk. Thinking quickly, the group managed to vanquish the vicious lizard by utilizing a potent scroll of monster summoing. Overwhelmed by the forces around it, the mighty creature eventually succumbed to the clever tactics of the explorers, allowing them to sieze the might horde compiled by the beast.

Unfortunately for the group, they unknowlingly stumbled upon something far more ancient and dangerous than they could have thought; the secret entrance to the hidden forest of the Dragon Peaks. The entrance, known as the Deep Gate, is protected by the elven order known as the the Wardens of the Mount. Surrounded and outnumbered, the group was given the option of death or eternal confinement in the upper peaks until a series of trials were completed. They chose to live.

Now the expedition finds itself in the dense and untamed ironwood forest of the Dragon Peaks,long since forgotton by all but its protectors. If the group is ever to leave the forest, they must prove themselves worthy of the trust of the elves and complete a dangerous set of tests. Forced to brave the trials set before them by their new elven wardens, the expedition must fight if it ever wishes to return to the world below.

Adventurers: Leonard Haldrum, Pilpin Philwistion, Titus Verenus


John James?

Unearthed Secrets

He forgot both our character’s names. Editing

Unearthed Secrets

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