Cael Loinsigh


Name: Cael Loinsigh
Race: Human
Class: Illusionist
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6’
Weight: 168
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Level: 10
Exp: 284,042
Needed: 375,000

Hp: 25
AC: 0 (-2 with Golem)

Str: 7
Dex: 16
Con: 7
Int: 17
Wis: 15
Cha: 15

*Hand Crossbow S-M: 1d4+1 L:1d3+1 Attacks: 1 Range: (20)(40)(60) Thaco: 17
Wand of Lightning Ball: 10d8 dmg, charges 3+?
Wand of Ice Ball: 6d8 dmg, charges 10

Languages: Delanorian, Imperial Common, Elvish, Draconian, Arlish, Draconian, bits of Kislavian

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Cooking, Reading & Writing, Swimming, Art Ability, Ancient Languages, Research, Thurmatology, Herbalism, Sage Knowledge of Medicine, Alchemy, and Folklore of the Principalities, Herbalism, Scribing, Appraising, Ancient Elven History, Desert Navigation, Reading & Writing Draconian, Dragon Lore

Saves: PPD: 13 RSW: 9 PP: 11 BW: 13 Sp: 10 (+2 on rolls when wearing cloak of displacement)

Spells: (Assigned them new names but spell name in parentheses)
Lvl 1:
Eadon Feil (Cantrips)
Gwydion Gair (Phantasmal Force)
Flidais Intinn (Spook)
Dagda Teinidh (Burning Hands)
Sainaithin (Identify)
Read Magic
Detect Magic
Mend Golem

Lvl 2:
Bladud Scaradh (Blindness)
Gwydion Anam (Improved Phantasmal Force)
Patrun Intinn (Hypnotic Image)
Melf’s Acid Arrow
Cat’s Grace
Flame Ray
Mirror Image

Lvl 3:

Lvl 4:
Evard’s Black Tentacles
Improved Invisibility
Illusionary Wall
Improved Armor
Dimensional Door

Lvl 5:
Nystul’s Radiant Arch
Cael’s Phantasmal Arrow
Cael’s Living Ink
Heal Golem
Cael’s Illusionary Knight
Portray Alignment

Signature Spell:
Lvl 1- Chromatic Orbs of Badassery
Lvl 5- Cael’s Phantasmal Arrow

Special Inventory:
Periapt of Wound Closure- No open wounds, double healing, heals uncommon wounds
Unending Ink Vial
Belt of Many Pouches
Mosley’s Dagger- Not for fighting, but looted from a bandit named Mosley, also used to kill the phylactery and Crown Prince Olryn
Cloak of Displacement- First attack misses, wisdom check needed, AC-2, saving throws 2
2 Plates of Magesterium (One on person one hidden)
Ring of Thaco-3
Copper Ring of Levitation (Lvl 5, 4 charges)
Bottle of Unending Water
Leather Armor +2
Poison Dagger +3 (50% chance to poison on hit)
Bag of Holding (Weighs 15 lbs, holds 250 lbs, 30 cubic feet)
Ioun Stone of Con
Ioun Stone of Sustenance (No need for food or water)
Cursed Longsword +1 (Spirit of Baldrun)
Fire Opal Ring of Life Detect (Only detects life of Ronin Members)
Wand Of Continual Light (20 charges)
Ring of Flying

Amulet of Shield Golem
-HP: 60 AC: 5 Fists x 2 speed:4 THACO: 7 dS-L: 1d8+6
- -2 on attacks to master when nearby
- 1/2 dmg transferrence
- stores up to one level 4 spell

3 x Cure Serious +5
2 x Cure Light
2 x Neutralize Poison
6 x Acid Flasks
1 x Potion of Stammering
2 x Potion of Control Ghost
3 x Vial of Sovereign Glue

Other Items:
1 x Wizard’s Tower and Library in Dal Rashan
1 x Exceptional Alchemy Set in Tower
1 x Dragon’s Library in Dal Rashan
5 x Canvases
1 x Small Tent
1 x Winter Blanket
10 x Lbs. of sealing wax
2 x Light war horses (Saddlebags, etc)
1 x Fully stocked kitchen in Dal Rashan
1 x Large Chest
3 x Small Jewelry chests (1 w/ great lock)
1 x Magnifying Glass
1 x Spyglass
1 x Hand Crossbow
4 x Hand Quarrels
50 x Assorted Books on Elven History, Magical Weapons and Items
21 Vials of Troll’s blood

GP: 26,175 gold
Apx. 17,200 in gems

Apprentice: Johnathan Lvl 3 Wizard, HP: 9, AC:2, Generalist Mage
Lvl1- Magic Missile, Cantrips, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mending, Burning Hands, Phantasmal Force
Lvl2- Melf’s Acid Arrow, Invisibility, Knock, Mirror Image

WP: Dagger
NWP: Engineering, Herbalism, Ancient Delanorean, R&W Delanorean

Hireling: Divanni Menseti Lvl 6 Warrior, HP 30, ROF 2/1, THACO, 13, Dmg 1d8+2


A full backstory will be posted when I finish it, but the gist of the story is that Cael was sick most of his life, and as his health deteriorated, his mother, who was also a wizard, sacrificed his father for an elixir to keep him alive longer. He then fled home, and underlying his journey is the quest to cure himself permanently. His mother is his primary teacher of illusionist magic, but also taught him folklore, medicine and alchemy.

Cael is traveling to the Bizyani Sultanate on the advice of his mother, and after finishing up loose ends in Gelner for the past 6 months, he is finally leaving his adventuring group. For the first time since he joined up quickly with people in Gelner he is alone. Foinar has retired, Belbin is in the mines, and Czarka rules Gelner.

It was not that Cael abandoned his quests in Bizyani, but he did put it on hold after several weeks of non-productive action drove him elsewhere. After seeing flyers posting for daring adventurers, he joined the company of the great fighter Tantalus Swiftblade as a mage for hire. Hopefully this expedition will prove successful, and provide some means of pressing him further towards a cure.


Cael Loinsigh

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