Jack Delcarte

the Hero of Delanore


Name: Jack Delcarte
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin (Medician)
Height: 5’8
Weight: 163
Age: 24
Alignment: Lawful Good
Ethnicity: Delanorian
Deity: Treue
Order: Knight of the Holy Rose

Str: 14
Dex: 16
Con: 9
Int: 10
Wis: 13
Cha: 17

Hp: 44
Ac: 8; with armor 2; with shield -1
Level: 6
Exp: 63,390
Exp.Needed: 75,000

##Long Sword+1 S-M: 1d8+3 L: 1d12+3 Thaco: 13 Init: 2 Attacks: 3/2
#Sword and Shield Style S-M: 1d3+2 L: 1d3+2 Thaco: 13 Init: 0 Attacks: 1

Languages: Imperial Common, Delanorian

Non weapon Proficiencies: ##Healing, ###Diagnostics, ##Herbalism, Reading/Writing (Delanorian)

PPD: 7 RSW: 9 PP: 8 BW: 9 S: 10

Magical/Items of Note: Alchemy Book (Ancient Tome containing a ton of stuff on alchemy and diseases and such, also gives me a + to Diagnostics I believe)
3 Time Rot Venom Antidotes (Cures to the Time Rot Disease)
3 Salves (Forget the pluses exactly but gives me a plus to heal check and some to healing as well)
Long Sword+1
Defenders Vow (Medium Shield +2, see Items Page for benefits)
Ring of Fortitude ( +2 all saving throws, +1 Constitution)
1 Potion of Haste
1 Cure Medium Potion


Orphaned at a young age, Jack Delcarte was raised by one of the priests in a temple dedicated to the Goddess Treue in Delanore. He grew up learning medical knowledge from his father and how to heal from his father. Many Knights would come into the temple seeking medical aid from wounds in battle and would tell young Jack Delcarte tales of wondrous and glorious battles they had fought in. He was captivated by the ideas of being a hero and saving lives and applied to the Knight Academy. During training he would ride out as a squire and his group would be way layed by Brigands and many of his comrades were wounded. The medical knowledge he learned at the temple however proved invaluable and he was able to save the life of his grievously wounded master. After that, his Master would recommend him to the Medical Academy in Delanore to train as a combat medic, or Medician. There Jack Delcarte would spend many years being tutored by some of the brightest minds in Delanore in the art of healing and his skills as a medic would grow. Now Jack Delcarte travels the lands seeking to provide healing and protection to those who need it all across Titan.

Jack Delcarte

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