Prince Nicolai Czarka

"There are secrets hidden deep in the shadows, secrets I intend to find."


Name: Nicolai Czarka
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Country: Kislav
Age: 19
Height: 5’9
Weight: 152
Class: Priest of Night
Kit: Outlaw Priest
Alignment: True Neutral
Lv: 7
Exp: 63,916
Exp.Needed: 110,000

Str: 12
Dex: 17
Con: 16
Int: 13
Wis: 17
Cha: 14

Ac: 7 Leather Armor (5) Single Weapon Style (4)

#Rapier: S-M: 1d6+1 L: 1d8+1 Thaco: 16 Init: 2 Attacks: 1
#Single Weapon Style
#Short Bow +2: S-M: 1d6 L: 1d6 Thaco: 12 Init: 3 Attacks: 2 Range;S,M,L: 50, 100, 150

Languages: Kislavian, Imp-Common, Delanorian, Dwarvish

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Religion (Darkness/Night), Reading/Writing Kislavian, Reading/Writing Imp-Common, Astrology, Swimming, Riding Land-based, Etiquette, Heraldry

Saving Throws
P.P.D.: 7 R.S.W.: 11 P.P.: 10 B.W.: 13 S.: 12


Rapier with Basket Hilt, 1 Large Pouch
(Black) Leather Armor, 1 week dry rations
(Black) Long Coat, 1 Water Skin
(Black) Shirt, 1 Riding Horse
(Black) Pants, Horseshoes
(Black) Gloves, 1 Small Saddle Bag
(Black) Boots, 1 Riding Saddle
Sheath, 20 ft. Hemp Rope
(Black) Belt, Immproved Necklace Holy Symbol (Wolf)(+2 Cleric Level for Turning)
2 Small Pouches, Family Ring
1 Small Tent, 1 Sleeping Bag
Short Bow +2
Holy Stone (Once per day Light)
Granted Powers: Infravision 60ft, Turn Undead

Major Spheres: All, Charm, Divination, Necromantic, Summoning, Sun.
Minor Spheres: Animal, Elemental, Guardian, Protection.

Priest Spells

#spells, spell level, memorized

(5) 1st Level Spells: Light, Remove Fear, Command, Bless, Protection from Evil, Umbral Blade
(5) 2nd Level Spells: Hold Person, Silence 15’ft Radius, Heat Metal, Barkskin, Charm Person or Mammal, Flame Blade, Produce Flame, Shadow Roots
(3) 3rd Level:
(1) 4th Level:
1 “Hireling”

Mograth = Lv. 0 Orc

Need to edit Mograth and figure stats at somepoint.


“My father, hah, what father? Being born into a noble house isn’t what you think. Especially in Kislav. I suppose though I should be thankful, at least I wasn’t born to one of the peasants to die in the cold like the rest. Bitter? Perhaps. More aware then anything. My “father” left me with the nannies to take care of me. I spent my time getting a well rounded education and was taught fencing by my instructor. I never saw much of the outside, never knew what was going on in my own country. I thought my life was normal for someone my age. How naive I was. I heard the dark dealings being done behind closed doors by my father in his studies. The group that runs around at night dealing with the politics of my country behind closed doors and with sharp blades. It’s ironic how the darkness shined the most light on my country. It’s corrupt and I care for none of it. But I did realize the strength that came from surviving in the darkness. I grew to respect it’s strength, became accustomed to it’s dealing. The night was when I was free, when I could escape the grounds of my home and venture out into the town. That’s where my reality was shattered.

Our people were poor, starving, dying in the cold. The frigid climate claimed many lives and I saw how desperate the people were. My own life was nothing like this, it shocked me to see the world outside my doors, how cruel it was and how ignorant I had been. I lived like a king compared to these people, while they starved and scrounged around in the snow and dirt for scraps like stray dogs. I can’t say I was moved to help particularly, I had too little experience, too little knowledge to make a change. So I kept this outing to myself. I began to embrace the night and realized that it could give me the power to seek out my own answers. I suppose that is what I am still doing right now. I became part of an occult that worshiped the night and there I became a priest. I’d continue to sneak out at night to visit and worship with the others, not in some child sacrificing werewolf/vampire way mind you. That part of the night doesn’t interest me. However, the same reason I followed the path of darkness led me to leave my local temple. The freedom I had was restricted by their ways, their beliefs, and I couldn’t help but hear those same whispered voices I’d heard behind closed doors before. I left there and as fate would have it became kidnapped. This woman stole me away, claiming I was some sort of bargaining chip for her freedom. I didn’t care for being used, but then I realized I could use her. Don’t be so judgemental, all people use what they are given whether people or things, I did what I did for answers. Answers I could only find outside my home. So I played along and was released somewhere outside of the city when she felt she was safe. I doubt she realizes the repercussions there will be for my abduction but she seems to welcome them almost, for some strange vendetta of their own. It matters not to me what she does, I now have my freedom to seek the answers I wish.

I was born in the dark of my mother’s womb, and raised in it. One day too darkness will fill my eyes and I’ll rest in it’s embrace. It surrounds us and is in us, everyone has darkness in their heart, I just choose to acknowledge it and embrace it. You see me as something to be feared for the darkness I worship, but I assure you if it was not for darkness how would you know what light is? Do not judge me that I choose to walk in the darkness while you stay blinded by your light. The answers I seek can merely be found more clearly in the dark, un-obscured by my own emotions or whims. After all, everything looks the same in the dark."

#Married to Lady Veil

Prince Nicolai Czarka

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