Rebecca Alouette


Name: Rebecca Alouette
Class: Rogue Shadowmaster (Custom Kit)
Race: Elf

Str: 12
Dex: 19
Con: 12
Int: 18
Wis: 14
Cha: 12

Exp: 7326
Lvl: 4
Needed: 10000

HP: 18
AC: 3 (With studded leather)

Age: 240
Alignment: True Neutral

Languages: Elvish, Delanorean, Imperial Common, Dwarven, Kislavian, Bizyani, Aarlish

Weapon Prof:
Longsword & Short Bow

Non-weapon Prof:
Identify Rumors, Info Gathering, Local Lore, Basal Communication, Bureaucracy, Reading & Writing, Appraising, Fire Building, Looting, Observation, Jumping, Ancient Elvish History, Rope Use, Set Snares, Healing, Herbalism, Locksmithing, Direction Sense, Dancing

Infravision: 60ft.
No secret doors
Change Alignment with woodland creatures

Longsword- d(S-M) 1d8+3 d(L) 1d8+3 Sp: 2 Thaco: 18
Composite Short Bow- ROF 2:1 d(S-M) 1d8+3 d(L) 1d8+3 Thaco: 15 Range 50/100/170

Thief Stats: With Studded Leather (Without)
Pickpocket:5% (40}
Open Locks: 35% (45)
Find/Remove Traps: 5% (15)
Move Silently: 70% (95)
Hide in Shadows: 10% (35)
Detect Noise: 10% (20)
Climb Walls: 30% (70)
Read Languages: 50% (50)

Composite Short Bow
Quiver & 50 Arrows
Long Sword
Silk Rope 50ft
Belt Pouch
Caltrops x2
Thieves Picks
Horse and Pack
Rations x 2 weeks
Iron Rations x 2 weeks
Hand Saw
Cure light potion
Shovels x 2

Companion: Puppy (Archimedes)


As the world changes, the Sylvan elves change against it. New technologies given from the dwarves to the Empire have crippled the once-great leadership of the Delanorans and threaten to open a new age of industry and destruction upon the lands of Titan. With the situation growing dire, the Sylvan elves that reside in Delanore have decided to move against their distant enemies before it is too late. From the Cloister of Soleil, the council of elders elected their greatest warrior to break her vow of isolation and venture out into the human wilds to understand and combat the growing Imperial threat. This decision has sparked great dissent within the Cloister that only heighten the sense of urgency for those who see the necessity of action. Since this decision was made, Rebecca Allouette has trained herself to become a shadowmaster, capable of maneuvering through the underbelly of the Empire and move beyond a lifetime of conditioning away from human and dwarven cities. Studying the languages, political structures, and seedier institutions of Titan, she now ventures out into the world; not for fame or treasure or even adventure, but she journeys out for the continued existence of her entire race with their fate hanging in the balance.

Rebecca Alouette

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