Solace Hydrul

the Cloud Watcher


Name: Solace Hydrul
Race: High Elf
Class: Thief
Gender: Male
Age: 121
Height: 5’3
Weight: 114
Alignment: It’s complicated

Level: 4
Exp: 5,460
Exp. Needed: 10,000

Kit: Cutpurse
Ac: 7; with armor 5 (Leather Armor)

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 13

*Dagger S-M: 1d4+1 L: 1d3+1 Thaco: 19 Init: 0 Attacks: 1
- Throwing Dagger S-M: 1d4+1 L: 1d3+1 Thaco: 17 Init: 0 Attacks: 2 Range: (10);(20);(30)
*Long Sword S-M: 1d8+1 L: 1d12+1 Thaco: 18 Init: 3 Attacks: 1
*Blowgun S-M: 1d3 L: 1d2 Thaco: 17 Init: 3 Attacks: 2 Range: (10);(20);(30)
Dual wield thacos do not change since off hand is dagger and high dex

Languages: Imp-Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Kislavian, Delanorian, Falawi, Orc

Non weapon proficiencies: Weapon Smithing, Rope Use, Reading/Writing (Imp-Common), Tumbling, Set Snares, Tailoring, Trail marking, Direction Sense, Observation, Trailing

Saves: PPD: 13 RSW: 14 PP: 12 BW: 16 S: 15

Special Benefits: Rouge= +2 Damage from rear and flanks. Rouge= +1 skill checks. Cutpurse, Observe ability= Make observation check and if successful determine target’s class;Another check can be made to determine the target’s level. -5 penalty to disguised targets. Each point made above the the cutpurse’s check makes his guess off 1 level for observing level.

Thief Skills (with leather armor)
Pick Pockets: 50%
Open Locks: 25%
Find Remove Traps: 40%
Move Silently: 60%
Hide in Shadows: 60%
Detect Noise: 20%
Climb Walls: 60%
Read Languages: 0%

Items of note: “Life line” Hook Dagger 10ft (A dagger made by Solace with a slant at a sharp angle off the tip of the dagger to dig into objects, hollow ring pommel with a 10 ft small strong wire cord attached to it)
3 Piece Blowgun (Metal Blowgun made by Solace compromised of 3 pieces for easier storage. For ages 13 and up. Some assembly required.)
Small Bag of Marbles
Small Bag of Caltrops
Hollow Heel on boot (3 thieves picks inside)
Stilleto “Can Opener” (It works as Dagger as proficiency, it does give a +2 to hit against metal armor though such as plate, as per the actual benefits of a Stilleto, which it is, just with a cool name.)
Dagger “Ripper” (A dagger made by Solace that has several downward pointing slants on either edge of the dagger. The design is made so once he punctures a target, on the way out the several sharps triangular edges tear the inside of the foe causing bleeding.) Note: You can figure the bleed and such, I didn’t want to do statistics without DM. I would assume this weapon only being effective on people not wearing armor, and prop the highest armor it would work on is leather, due to the fact of the edges getting caught on the armor on the way out leaving you really vulnerable or the weapon still in them.
Puppeteer Gloves (Chain mail gloves that were modified by Solace. The gloves have 5 strong strings attached to the rings on the gloves slightly below the knuckles. Each string is about 10 ft in length and has a sharp hook tied to the end. The strings and hooks are made to be held in hand and then slung at the enemy. When the hooks latch onto the target the user can then move the strings in simple motions to restrict or hinder the movements of the victim depending on the location hit.)
….other then that just random gear and daggers. Those are just a bit more significant then my small whetstone or rations.


Solace Hydrul was born to a poor family in the slums of Brakley. His father worked at a local inn as a servant cleaning dishes while his mother spent most of her time trying to scrape what she could together to make clothes for her family and food. His father constantly pestered Solace to get a job to help provide but Solace could never keep a job long enough to really bring in any money. He found the jobs much too tedious and tiresome to do day in and out, and instead would go and wander to the outskirts of town and just lay in the grass watching the clouds. One day when he went to visit his father in the inn while he was working and bring him food, he noticed some men that got a little too drunk at a table and a hefty pouch of coins dangling from his side. Solace took a quick detour over there and managed to pilfer a decent amount of coin for the man’s purse. He later brought this back to his parents and and showed him what he earned. His parents were outraged when they learned he stole from someone and demanded he give it back to the man he got it from. They claimed that this dishonesty would only lead to worse things for them and though they didn’t have much, they wanted to earn it fairly and not through stealing and hurting others.
Solace went to return the money to the person at the inn but on his way there he saw that same man mugging another person in the slums. Shocked at this, he instead went to the blacksmith in town and asked what he could buy to protect himself. The blacksmith showed him his wares and Solace was fascinated by the variety of uses for different weapons and items. The blacksmith noticed the child’s amazement at the items and offered to train him in weapon smithing. Solace agreed and worked for in the smithy for several years, trying to become stronger so he could protect his parents in case they were ever being the one’s mugged or threatened. Alas, Solace’s lack of discipline resulted in him being fired from yet another job as he would constantly wander off to the town outskirts to relax and watch the clouds.
Solace tried to train himself to become a warrior but he quickly realized that he didn’t have the constitution to keep up his training. He would quickly go off to many other things he found interesting at the time such as creating things and making multi-purpose tools. Opening locks and making small traps had become more of a hobby to him then anything, but he realized quickly how beneficial this hobby of his had become. He was able to sneak around easily through the towns and woods. He became familiar with his surroundings and many times would pick the pockets of a local he found to be a bit unpleasant when he was skulking around at night. He developed a fondness for tricks and traps and often used this to allude any angry victims of a theft of his. All while doing this he never stole from someone he didn’t think deserved it however and never killed anyone. He always had it in his mind that if he started a job and killed someone, that that would be a hard life to ever escape from.
Solace dislikes violence and fighting finding it troublesome and really brutish, though his years at the blacksmith gave him a strength for it. He has picked up thieve’s cant over the years and has honed his skills, creating several tools he has found useful in his efforts, but has never joined the Under Market finding too many of those people unsavory for his liking. He still can’t seem to hold a job however growing tired of doing the same thing repetitively and complaining about how much work it is. Through all of his time wandering by himself through the outlying lands and in town he has gotten a reputation for being a decent scout (a reputation he finds bothersome at best with the work it brings), and he has been hired on several occasions to perform scouting missions or escort people. Despite his lazy nature, he has a strong commitment to his family and friends and takes the lives of the people he is escorting very seriously and is known to be roused to help out someone in need despite how much of a “bother” it would be.
He currently lives in Brakley continuing his hobbies and bringing the money back to his family to take care of them when he can from his random odd jobs.

Solace Hydrul

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