Taergrin Olgrinnar

"Taergrin Olgrinnar, Warrior. Now What Seems To Be The Problem?"


Level: 3
Race: Gnome
Alignment: NG
Country: Gnomeville, Gnomeland. (No, seriously, where do these things come from?)
Class: Warrior
Dieties: Baervan Wildwanderer
Kit: Breachgnome
Height: 3’3"
Weight: 83
Age: 79
Skin: L.Tan
Hair: Light Red-Brown
Eyes: Light Brown

Str: 17
Dex: 18
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 11

HP: 31
AC: -2 Versus Slash, 0 Versus Pierce, 2 Versus Blunt

-1 For Hard Obstacle Within 3 Feet to the Left or Right, to a Maximum of -2 Additional AC

SAVES: PPD: 13 RSW: 15 PP: 14 BW: 16 SPELL: 12

Weapon Damage S-M Damage L Thaco # S M L SF

(2H)Battle Axe 1d8+1, 1d8+1, 17, 1, NA, 5
Short Sword 1d6+3, 1d8+3, 16, 3/2, NA, 1
Sling 1d4+4, 1d6+4, 15, 3/2, 150, 300, 600, 4

Weapon Profs:

Battle Axe
Short Sword

Non-Weapon Profs:

Reading/Writing (Imperial Common, Gnomish)
Rope Use Dexterity Check at 18
Set Snares Dexterity Check at 17
Etiquette Charisma Check at 11
Animal Lore Intelligence Check at 15

Running: Page 157 Constitution 16 Strength 17
Jumping: Strength Check at 13
Direction Sense: Wisdom Check at 9

Gnomish, Imperial Common.

Special Items:

Magic Gloves Of Missile Shooting Megamaness (9 Charges For 2 Missiles.)

Large Shield (Med Shield), Back Strap.
Short Sword x2, Back Scabbards.
Sling x2, Strapped to Right Side of Belt.
60 Sling Bullets, in Leather Pouch on Left Side of Belt.
Gold Pouch on Inside Front of Chainmail.
Hidden Knife (Sheathed and Hidden Between Armor Padding Layers).
Long Gauntlets and Boots (With Knives) With Metal Shin Guards and Bracers.
Leather Coat and Pants and Belt.
Armor Padding.
Helm and Chain Coif.

Pony With All The Required Accessories
Two Small Saddle Bags.

(In Pack On Pony)
Battle Axe.
Snare Materials, About 50 Feet of String and Various Metal Bits.
Dagger For Wood Working.
20 Feet of Rope.
Armor Padding.
Leather Coat, Pants, Boots, Belt and Gloves.
Plain Shirt, Pants, Sash and Shoes.
Padded Armor.
Metal Dish, Fork, Spoon, and Cup.

EXP: 7,969



Taergrin Olgrinnar

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