Esillium powder, the drug of the Federation


Esillium powder, or “Bliss” as it is commonly called, is a minutely small powdery substance that is a byproduct of the forging of esillium metal. The small powder, inhaled through the nose, creates a deep sense of calm euphoria and often causes the user to experience peaceful hallucinations.

Only mildly addictive for the vast majority of those who inhale the powder, there have been some known instances where the user has become wildly dependent on the substance, although it is unknown whether this is a result of the powder itself or just the choices of the user.


Found only from the rocks of Mount Esil, esillium is a strong and lightweight metal that is primarily used by the famous Spellguard of the Federation of Meidair in the creation of armors. The extremely lightweight and flexible nature of the metal, as well as its strange innate magical nature, allows those wearing the armor to cast magical spells uninhibited. However, much like the infamous metal of the Underdark known as Adamantite, esillium’s magical properties, the properties that make the metal so lightweight and flexible, fade as it travels farther from Mount Esil, as well as with time.

Bliss is the powder expelled from raw esillium during the forging process. Esillium itself is a rather soft metal that is famous for containing many pockets of air that make the forging process a dangerous one. When the metal’s potency was first discovered and the smiths of Meidair began to first produce the metal en masse, some strange side-effects were noted in the smith’s who worked the metal. Workers reported that upon pounding out the pockets of air within the metal a strange sense of euphoric bliss, sometimes accompanied by pleasant hallucinations, would take over them. After some years of investigation, it was found that a very fine pinkish powder found in the air pockets was responsible for the effects. With some time and work, a process to catch the powder during smithing was discovered and the trade of Bliss became a booming industry for the various cities of what would become the Federation.

Today the trade in esillium powder is highly regulated and controlled.


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