Rilcor's Perch


Situated on a small lake island within the Grizzly Wood, Rilcor’s Perch is a heavy stone tower made up of six levels, with one being a basement and the remaining five making up the above ground structure of the tower. The basement is accessible from a small doorway on the outside of the tower, whilst the main structure has one main doorway opening to the ground floor.

Basement – Empty
1st Floor – Kitchen and mess hall
2nd Floor – Meeting room with numerous tables, several cots, and many trophies.
3rd Floor – Library and Study
4th Floor – Laboratory
5th Floor – Master Bedroom


Towering to a height of over one hundred feet, Rilcor’s Perch watches over the rustling trees of the Grizzly Woods. Originally constructed by the wizard Rilcor many years ago, it served as his personal home and study, as well as a base of operations for a local group of heroes known as the “Five Heralds.” In those years Gelner was known as a dangerous place, but thanks to the efforts of the Heralds, Gelner became the relatively tranquil country it is today.

Rilcor's Perch

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