Tales of Titan

Renewed Turmoil in Tyvarre
Campaign summary to date

The once peaceful setting of Tyvarre has once again been interrupted by war and strange occurances. Noble brothers war upon one another, rumors fly, and evil is setting forth a plan.

Rumors abound that an Imperial research team has made a magnificent military and archaeological discovery in the Forgotten Forest, some in the various taphouses of the valley even say that the old lighthouse houses ancient Delanorian ruins. To boot, there are whispers that an adventuring party moving through the Claw Ridge Forest have slain a horde of monsterously giant spiders before discovering something even more ancient than the old Empire of Delanore… some speculate it as being the lair of Thornhide himself!

If such news of discovery were not enough to raise the brows and mugs of Tyvarre’s gossip mongers, their mouths are certainly full with news of the mysterious “Skinner of Brakley” and the civil war that has erupted as a result.

Following the assasination of a high ranking diplomat in Brakley, the Count of Halkirk and Margrave of Perth, brothers and sons of the reclusive Duke Atrus, declared war on one another. Although the assasination and later string of murders dubbed, the “Skinner Murders” was uncovered by an adventuring party lead by the now famous Lieutenant Alexander Markz of the Imperial Musketeers as the the doing of a sinister Greater Doppleganger impersonating Lord Layton, the noble brothers have not ceased their conflict.

Tyvarre is at war, and Port Drax has become the focal point of that war. Although at a stalemate, the brothers are not willing to back down.

If things could not get any worse… some scouts have been reporting an unusually large amount of humanoid activity in the Forgotten Woods…Rumor as it that a horde of unimaginable power is mustering under the leadership of a great warchief. But… these are only rumors… arn’t they?

Adventurers: Lieutenant Alexander Markz,


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