Dwarven Odyssey

I dunn’o what year it is, nor do I know what date tis, but I do know that its winter. Its winter, that’s what I know so that’s what I’m gonna put.


Its winter ‘un now that all me business building this Moradin blasted inn is done with I can relax a wee bit. Getting this buildin’ built so that I can actually sit down and write on this here piece o’ paper was like pulling teeth from a hobglobin; irritating and smelly.

First I nearly get crushed to death after some damned lass dropped a HOUSE on me. A house! By Moradin’s beard the witch dropped a house on ME. The clan will nay believe such stories when I… if I ever get ta see um again. After getting me fair share of the loot from the slavers in the caves I came up to find… what… goblins and orcs and hobgoblins and all sorts of beasties running the place! Apparently that human, Lord Edgeport or something couldn’t keep his act well together enuff and got overrun by the beasties. I hear the spineless human cut a deal with the leader of the beasties and is now running things over in Milbourne. Anyway, back to ME woes.

After deciding that venturing around and saving those green skins from a whole pack of blased invisible wolves in the Thornwood was gonna get me nothun but a early trip ta Moradin’s forge, I decided ta spend what I had on setting up this here inn. Seeing as ta how the mist that has come in has cut off the rest of Faeron from Haranshire, I have nay too many alternatives. I figure that the real warriors can see to fixin’ the problem and by then this humble craftsdwarf of Moradin can have made a hefty profit from this place, sell it, and head back to the mountain.
I’ll tell ya what though, I should’uve given ol’ Greasy more credit for settun up the Cold Mug, cus this business is harder than forgin’ mithril with a forge hammer made of clay! After finally getting the place built (that was the easy part) I had to deal with that slimy, price gouging, good fer nuthin Baroness down in Thurmaster. That scoundrel charged me low for the building materials and then turned around un charged me a full beard’s length for a bunch of damn chairs and tables! What could I do? Make um myself in a night! No dwarf alive could make that much furniture in anything less than week, and I needed the gold now!

By Moradin… if dealin’ with snakes in the grass weren’t enough, then I had to hire me staff. Who would have known that so many lousy, disgustin’ pigs of people would live in so… BY MORADIN! That idiot goblin has split another pitcher of ale! Moradin, raise your hammer and grant me a boon, fer if I dunnay get some reprieve, I’ll be raisin’ mine to me own workers!

Dwarven Odyssey

Tales of Titan Manstein