Patron Father

Thrid Era, 765 AD, March 2

Notes of Veldrin Alean’ana, First Male of House Valoth

Bregan was a fool. HE was a Lloth damned fool for letting that snake into our circle, not I. I warned him of the dangers of admitting an additional warlock so late in the process, I warned him that Nerix could be a spy for the Matron Mother, I warned him that Nerix could be weak, I warned him that Nerix could betray us.

We were so close to realizing our goals, by Vhaerun we were blessed and our great design was soon to be implimented! Bregan had finally managed to procure that blasted Orb of Domination from that Beholder in the Lower Ward and we were just days away from finalizing the ritual of control. Vhaerun damn… no.. LLOTH damn that pathetic wretch of a mage Gargus for failing to bow his damniable head in public to his mistress. If he had just waited a little longer then he would be alive and not rotting beneath a pile of corpses outside the Pit of Blood.

DAMN HIM! Because of him Bregan thought we needed another enchanter… I told him I could take up Gargus’s slack but he wouldn’t hear it. Perhaps if I had pushed him more… harder…

No, best to leave it alone now. What’s done is done and instead of sitting at the head of my House I am scribbling on half burnt parchment in some dank cave on the surface world, Darkness only knows where in the hell I am….

The light up here on the surface, its different than I imagined it would be. Naturally I’ve experimented with Light spells and other such simulations in the past and queried the warriors who raided the surface world, but neither have done anything to prepare me for the onslaught of heat and light that beats down upon from that cursed thing. As much as I curse the… sun?… yes, sun, for its light, I suppose I must count it an unexpected advantage, for it protects me from Lloth’s vengeance.

I must find Bregan. I must get out of this cave and find my bearings in this dreadful new world.

Patron Father

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