Story Arcs and Our History


Who We Are


Our gaming group is composed of a few longtime friends who have been gaming and D&D’in together on and off for close to eleven years. That being said, over time our group has brought in and welcomed several new faces and we hope that the future might bring more like minded adventurers into our fold.

We prefer a generally more laid back yet professional atmosphere that compliments excellent D&D play and enjoy entertaining the more roleplay oriented sides of D&D as well. All in all, we are a well rounded group that enjoys just about all the aspects that D&D has to offer.

Story Arcs

Although we have all been playing together for a long time, our group has historicaly been known to hop around a bit when it comes to characters, as such, we have several story arcs and campaigns running simulataneously. Sometimes it can be a bit of a nerve-racker to keep trap of it all, but we have the excellent men and women at Obsidian Portal to thank for helping us end those woes.

At any rate, the story arcs:

Darkness Rising
GM: Manstein
Players: Nicolai Czarka, Belgin Beastmaster

Conquest of Coin
Players: Solace Hydrul,

The Eye of Tyvare
GM: Manstein
Players: Alexander Markz, Tantalus Swiftblase

Inactive Player Characters

Antione Delmar
Decker (Johnathan Dalton)
Jack Delcarte
Lieutenant Alexander Markz
Tier the Long Winded
Tantalus Swiftblade
Reduke Ironaxe

Story Arcs and Our History

Tales of Titan Manstein