Prince Muhamajar

The Desert Fox


Muhamajar is the youngest son of Grand Sultan Bayezar, one of over fourteen Princes who lay legitimate claim to the throne of the Bizyani Sultanate. Muhamajar, despite his youth, has made quite the name for himself successfully leading the armies of Bizyani against the various Allearian invaders that have sought to prey upon the desert empire for centuries. His many victories against the Kingdom of Esolia in particular have won him the nickname of the “Desert Fox” for his remarkable ability to seemingly disappear and reappear with his army from the desert.

Currently Muhamajar commands an army, which he has dubbed the Army of the South Wind, and makes camp in the port city of Side. From there Muhamajar is currently plotting to retake the ancient city of Derna, held by a coalition of forces under the command of Grand Duke Rogart of Delanor.

Prince Muhamajar

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