Discovering Titan V I

Chapter 1: An Infant World

Long before man, dwarf, or elf trod the earth of Titan, the planet was inhabited by great and terrifying beings of nearly unlimited primal and magical power. The most powerful of these beings, known only as the Primes, wrestled for control of the prime-evil world of Titan with an ancient draconic race known as the Drach’Na.

Drawing their power from Titan itself, mastering the innate forces of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Chaos, Order, Light, Darkness, and Balance the Primes fought against the Drach’Na. Unable to tap directly into these primal forces, the Drach’Na relied upon the mysterious force of Magic to fuel their power, manipulating it to great effect in their efforts to defeat the Primes.For untold millennia the Primes fought against the Drach’Na and as time forged onward, the Drach’Na were slowly ground down by the elemental power of the Primes. The War of the Shifting Scales, as it is known to Titan today, resulted in the breaking of the power of the Drach’Na, forced the survivors into hiding, leaving the Primes to mold and shape the young world as it pleased them.

The Gods Battle

Chapter 2: The War of the Primes

After the accession of the Primes as the undisputed rulers of Titan over the Drah’N, a great war erupted amongst the victors. Many of the Primes were tired of having to share Titan with their brothers and decided to band together to take complete control of Titan. In a secret alliance, Darkness, the primary agitator, was able to bring together Chaos, Water (Water was difficult to convince and was unsure that such an action was necessary, however, Darkness’s trickery falsely convinced Water that the other Primes would attack if they did not do so first), and Fire in a secret alliance against the combined forces of the Light, Order, and Earth.

To aid in their attack, the aggressors sought to create servants to help them in their war, thus were the Gods and races of Titan born. The Gods were beings of the world that were chosen by the Primes and forged into mighty and powerful warriors and generals, imbued directly with small portions of the essences of their creators, immortal leaders of vast new armies.

With their most powerful champions created, the Primes then created the armies which their “children” would command. From Darkness came the Shades, from Chaos came the orcs, goblins, and humanoid races, from Water came merfolk of the deep oceans, and from Fire came the Dava’hier. With their generals and armies mustered, the treacherous Primes struck their unsuspecting brothers.

With superior numbers, surprise, treachery, and new weapons in the form of the Gods and the mortal races, on their side, the alliance that Darkness had forged dealt a serious blow to their brother Primes. After the initial attack, the Primes of Light, Earth, and Order saw the error of their blindness and were quick to forge Gods and races of their own, with Light creating humanity, Earth creating the giants, and Order creating the Dwarves. Although neutral at first, the Claire and Wind also created their own Gods and races, respectively creating the Elves and the Vistani. So was spawned a long and arduous war, a war which would last for many centuries and wreak havoc and destruction across all of Titan. Eventually, the war, which would ravage Titan for over a thousand years, began to destroy Titan at its very core.

After many long centuries of war, it seemed as if the forces of Darkness would vanquish their brothers. Their victory was not to be. The Claire and the Wind had watched the events of the past centuries and, at first, refused to play a part in what they saw as the bickering of their brothers. Seeing that the aggressors might succeed and that Titan itself was being torn asunder, the Claire and Wind began to dread a Titan ruled over by their more aggressive brothers and as such developed a plan to over throw their brothers.

Harnessing the magic of the long exiled Drach’N, the Claire and Wind were able to temporarily sever the aggressor Primes from their sources of power. Using the moment to their advantage, the defenders rallied their forces and fought against the aggressors, driving them back to their great fortresses and trapping them there before their powers could be restored to them.

Coming together, the Claire, Wind, and defender Primes decided that if their brothers were allowed to continue to wander Titan, the planet would never see peace and balance. As such, the victorious Primes imprisoned their brothers deep below Titan, vanquishing them for all time. The imprisonment of their brothers, however, did not come without a price. The Claire felt that if the successor Primes were allowed to roam the earth without any checks, they would invariably upset the careful balance that maintained the planet, thus committing the same errors of their fallen brothers. Coming together, the remaining Primes agreed to commit themselves to an eternal slumber, leaving the Gods as the caretakers of the world.

Chapter 3: The Creation of the Pantheons & The Age of Reformation

With the War of the Primes at an end and the Primes either imprisoned or slumbering, a great restructuring of the world took place. Although the aggressor Primes were locked away, the Gods and races they had created still lived, albeit severely weakened by the loss of the presence of their Fathers.

Seeing that without their Fathers present to direct them, the Gods could still grow unruly and abuse their power, the Claire ordered the formation of the Pantheons and forced each God to accept a domain over which to rule. The formation of the Pantheons would be dictated by the Prime that had formed each of the Gods. Each Pantheon was to also have a primary God, all of whom were responsible for the lesser Gods of their Pantheon.

With the spoils divided and the Pantheons formed, Titan began to recover from the war that had nearly destroyed it. Soon the Gods of the vanquished Primes, whose power waned as a result of imprisonment of their Father-Primes, retreated from the surface of Titan to their fortresses in order to regain their strength. The Pantheon of Darkness moved deep into Titan, what is today known as the lowest level of the Underdark, and its Gods and servant races all but vanished from Titan. The Pantheon of Chaos, unable to work together without the guidance of their Father, began to bicker and war amongst itself, its races turning against one another and marginalized to the far corners of Titan. The Pantheon of Water, realizing the trickery wrought upon it by the Prime of Darkness and resentful at the punishment handed to it by the victors, retreated to the deepest reaches of the ocean, taking its servants with them. Unlike its fellow vanquished Pantheons, Fire did not move inwards upon itself. Instead the Pantheon of Fire split, the Gods separating and silently integrating into the world of Titan, seemingly tamed by the events of the war.

The Pantheon of the Wind, although not one of the losing powers, quickly adopted the former sentiments of its Father and began to take little interest in the affairs of Titan. Withdrawing mainly to the great deserts of the south, the Gods of the Wind were content to wander, just as its Prime had always done.

It was during this time of retreat that Titan’s groundwork for civilization was set forth. As the Pantheons of the vanquished Primes withdrew from Titan, the Pantheons of the Light, Order, the Claire and Earth, expanded into the void. The races originally created by the Primes as servants, began to quickly expand and consume the now fertile world before them. Humanity, the Dwarves, the Elves, and the Giants, quickly began to carve out their own sections of Titan.

At first it seemed as if the servants of the Pantheon of Light, humanity, were poised to be the undisputed rulers of Titan. However, it was during this time that a unique flaw had been forged into humanity; corruptibility. Soon in-fighting began amongst the servants of the Pantheon and, unwilling to take sides against their own servants, the Pantheon of Light stepped back from the events. It also soon became apparent that the creations of Earth, the Giants, were content to relegate themselves to the small areas in which they had operated during the war, not having the will nor wish to expand their territories.

So it came to be that the Elves of the Immortal Watcher, Claire, and the Dwarves of Order would expand and rule Titan as their own, filling the initial void that the Primes left behind in their slumber and thus, ushering in a new age.

Discovering Titan V I

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