Gold Elves


The Achenari Elves

Background: Many thousands of years ago, when the elves began to retreat from the world, there were some who chose not to take refuge behind the Great Barrier of Tyr’Alos. Calling themselves the Achenari, or “abandoned ones,” they took refuge in the Winrest island chain in the Great Sea, staking out a living for themselves in a world far different than before. Using the Orb of Syllthraz to protect them, the Gold Elves began to evolve differently from their cousins, the magic of the Orb making them taller and giving their skin a pale golden hue. The many hundreds of years disassociated from their brethren and besieged by war all but totally destroyed the carefree nature usually found in other elves. The strict and magic-oriented society of the Isles does not allow for what the Arch-Magisters call “the frivolity” of their cousins. As such, many find Gold Elves to be uncaring, distant, quick to anger, and rather boorish, even by Elven standards.

Organization: The Isle Elves are ruled over by tan Arch-Magister and the Synod of Archetoll, a group of powerful mages drawn from the most prominent noble houses of the isles. While there is a nominal King of the Isles, his position is almost entirely ceremonial and his power is extremely limited. In all levels of society magic dominates. Nearly every position in government, from the highest administrator to the lowest scribe, is filled with wizards; to advance in society is synonymous to one’s magical prowess.

Comments on History:** For many hundreds of years after the official retreat of the Elves, the Isle Elves were forced to live a dangerous life. At first the various Elfish factions attempted to retain their great holdings on the mainland, unfortunately, the rampaging forces of barbaric humans, orcs, and other such armies forced them out, citadel by citadel. Eventually the elves were forced to retreat to the pristine core of their holdings, the Winrest Isles. However, vicious monsters from the sea, pirates, and the enemies from the mainland coveted the Winrest Isles and would not let the elves rest. For many hundreds of years the Gold Elves fought a losing war against the hordes allied against them, their elfish spirit broken with the downfall of each stronghold. Many elves questioned if their Gods still showed them favor, others began to outright curse their creators. However, during their darkest hour, when all seemed lost and the isles on the verge of destruction, a great mage by the name of Telemachus, saved the isles. Telemachus had searched far and low for an artifact of great power, a remnant of the great dragon wars of ancient past, the item was known as the Orb of Syllthraz, and was said to contain a near unlimited amount of magical power. Telemachus succeeded in his search and, using the Orb, banished the foes that threatened the isles, ushering in an era of security that would last for generations.

To ensure the continued protection of the isles, Telemachus had the Orb enshrined atop a great citadel, Archetoll Tower, so that its protective light could be seen throughout the isles. As the years passed, it become apparent that the Orb had an effect on the elves of isle, its magical aura so powerful that the elves found performing feats of magic easier than before, such to the point that even the most inexperienced of laymen could perform magical feats previously far beyond their grasp. Rejoicing, the elves thought themselves blessed, but within a few generations, it was found that the Orb also exacted a toll for its gifts. For all the magical boons granted to the Isle Elves, the Orb’s magic also made the elves weaker and more vulnerable to magic’s lure.

Isle Elf Physiology
+1 Intelligence, + 1 Dexterity, – 1 Constitution, -1 Strength


Special Advantages: Because Isle Elves have managed to master the innate magical forces that flow around them, they can better direct magic against their foes. Opponents of Isle Elf wizards suffer a -3 to all saving throws against spells cast by the wizard.

Those who are called to serve the Isles as non-mages still work very studiously at tapping into their latent magical powers. Elves who are not wizards can concentrate their magic into small areas and force their magic out into the prime material plane, granting them the ability to Focus Magic once per day for 1d4+1 rounds per level. Focus Magic allows the user to channel his magical energy into a weapon, be it a sword or bow, granting the weapon magical + 1 Thaco, +1 damage, and -1 speed, just as if it had gained a magical +1 benefit. At 10th level this ability increases to +2 Thaco, +2 Damage, -2 Speed and the user may form the magic to take the form of a specific element, such as fire, ice, &c.

All Isle Elves benefit from Magic Sight instead of Darkvision/Infravision. Magic Sight allows the wielder to perceive the magical auras surrounding any naturally magic creatures or items. This means that although the Gold Elf can no longer see a human walking down a dark corridor, he can see the human’s magical sword or any sort of innately magical creature. When using Magic Sight the Gold Elf’s eyes emit a fiery blue glow.

Special Disadvantages: Although Gold Elves are gifted in their ability to control the flow of magic around them, they are also very vulnerable to the effects of magic itself. Isle Elves receive a -3 to all saving throws against spells. Gold Elves also suffer from an especially haughty and disagreeable nature, making their reaction adjustment with all non-elves suffer by +4 and +2 with normal elves.

Gold Elves, for all their magical ability, are also hopelessly addicted to it. All Gold elves must stay in near constant contact with some source of magic or begin to suffer withdrawals after 1d4+4 days. During withdrawals Gold Elves slowly lose all of their abilities, losing their ability to Magic Sight on the first day, and their major ability on the third day. During this period Isle Elves also suffer a -5 to all checks of any sort and begin to suffer from frequent and strong headaches and sickness. A Gold Elf may never cure its addiction to magic, as magic as become an innate and inseparable part of their bodies.

As an additional consequence to this magical addiction, their bodies drain the magic they need to survive. Over time any magical item that stays in contact with a Gold Elf will be drained of its magical power, its magic used to sustain the body of its wearer.

Gold Elves

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