The Lizardmen of Marnessa

Background: Hailing from the treacherous marsh islands of Marnessa Bay, the Nadassa are a more highly evolved race of their more common Lizardmen cousins seen throughout Titan. No one quite knows or understands exactly what took place to cause the sudden creation of the Nadassa, some hundreds of years ago. Some scholars assert that they could have been the result of some wizard’s experiments, others claim it could have been some sort of divine intervention, and the Nadassa themselves claim their salvation from “servitude” came from their sacred mountain, Marshpeak. Although still considered barbaric by most of the denizens of Titan, the Nadassa’s prowess in battle and cunning trade skills have helped them begin to edge out a place in the society of Titan.

Organization: The Nadassa, like most races on Titan, are not united under one common organization, but are instead divided into many warring tribes and clans, a remnant of their ancestral roots. The highest group is called the Clan, and is ruled by an Overlord, or King. The Overlord, while the nominal ruler of the Clan has little power outside of his own community unless a major war is in progress, however, the Overlord always rules over the largest and most prosperous of all the Clan’s communities. Beneath the Overlord are the various chieftains, who rule over the tribes, and beneath them are the headmen, who rule over the smallest communities and towns. Together the Nadassa system is meant to encourage the growth of the strongest and most cunning Nadassa, while allowing the Clans to be able to quickly mobilize for war with other Clans or outside threats.

Ruling over all the Clans are the Shamans of Marshpeak. Although not direct rulers, the words of these wise ones command the immediate respect and attention of even the most war mongering of Overlords.

Nadessa Abroad: Although the vast majority of the race still resides in Marnessa Bay, there have been quite of number of Nadassa who have immigrated away from their swampy homeland. Most of these immigrants are those who have, in one way or another, been exposed to the “civilized word” and yearn for something other than the constant war of the Bay. Many Nadassa who ventured out into Titan quickly found that they possessed the cunning and skill needed to trade human lands, as well as the strength and prowess needed to serve as mercenaries. Before long, the success of these pioneering Nadassa lead to the growth of small communities of in the large trade cities along the coast of the Aratic Sea and today a fair number of the swamp folk live amongst the mainlanders.

Many adventuring Nadassa come from those who have since settled on the mainland, the offspring of the first pioneers who left their war ravished homeland. There is also a steadily increasing number of Nadassa continuing to emigrate from Marnessa Bay, many of whom are quickly welcomed into the already established communities or become adventurers themselves. Selling their abilities in battle or gaining wealth through trade, many opportunities are available for the enterprising Nadassa.

Comments on Nadassa History: In the earliest days of Nadassa emigration, many where tricked or fooled into slavery and sold across the world. For many decades these Nadassa, who had left their homeland for a better world, found themselves trapped in servitude. Human slavers still prow the waters outside Marnessa Bay, seeking to either trap or buy Nadassa prisoners of war in order to enslave them and sell in the various markets around the Aratic Sea, especially in the Pirate Isles. Although Nadassa efforts at success had begun to prove fruitful, and organizations have been formed to try and stop the practice, the slave trade is still a powerful force in the South Seas. Any adventuring Nadassa, especially one in the isles of the Aratic Sea, would be well warned to stay on his guard against slavers.

Nadessa Physiology

Special Advantages:** Unlike their Lizardmen cousins, the Nadassa have managed to transcend most of their more barbarous aspects. The Nadassa do not suffer from the same overwhelming lust for food and treasure as their cousins and are not unnaturally distracted by them in times of combat or otherwise. The higher evolution of the Nadassa has also granted them a few other advantages over their cousins; the language skills are far greater, allowing them to learn and speak other languages with far less difficulty than the more reptilian Lizardmen, their bodies are taller, they are far more agile out of water (giving them a basic movement rate of 12, as opposed to 6), and they require a great deal less water to sustain their bodies (needing only soak their entire bodies in water once a week, assuming temperate conditions).
Like their cousins, Nadassa can breathe underwater for a far longer period of time than normal and move at normal rate when in water. Their bodies are also especially resilient to disease and poison, giving them a +2 to their saves against poison and disease. The hardiness of Nadassa scales gives them a natural AC of 5.

Special Disadvantages: Although the Nadassa have evolved out of some of the hindrances associated with their ancestors, they still have some negatives in comparison to their human neighbors. Although more accepted in the world, Nadassa are still outsiders and suffer from bestial appearance. Nadassa are also vulnerable to heat spells, saving at a -3 against all magical and non-magical heat or fire attacks. The Nadassa are also particularly vulnerable to various forms of addiction, meaning that substances such as alcohol, snuff or other drugs are especially potent when consumed by Nadassa; many a Nadessa in the new world has been ruined by an addiction to the local tavern house.

Finally, the Nadassa body requires a great deal of air and mobility in order to maintain itself without needing excessive amounts of water and, as such, Nadassa may wear no armor greater than chain or scale mail, as anything greater will constrain the Nadassa and give them feelings of claustrophobia. In addition, Nadassa may not multi-class, but instead may duel-class.

Classes Available: Max Level:
Warrior 16
Cleric 8
Thief 12
Shaman 12



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