The Armies of Delanor


As the oldest human army on Titan, the armed forces of Delanor have much to be proud of. Whereas the armies of the other kingdoms that arose of the ashes of the Old Delanorian Empire have long since ceased to exist, the Royal Delanorian Army of King Heronious I lives on.

The soldiers of Delanor are well trained and lead by glittering ranks of noble and courageous knights whose bravery has historically inspired the army to great feats. The army itself is organized on the traditional feudal basis, with Barons, Counts, and Dukes, calling up forces from the local peasantry when requested by the King. Although the great mass of the army is drawn from the peasantry, laws set in place by King Heronious himself obligate that the local rulers provide their soldiers with excellent equipment. Although law, most of the nobleman take great pride in arming their subjects and are famed for leading their men from the front lines. For this reason, the front-line soldiers are renowned for loyalty to their leaders, fighting with dogged determination to protect the fallen bodies of their Lords.

For centuries the combination of well armed peasantry and a dedicated nobility have formed the core of the Delanorian army, making it one of the most effective and deadliest fighting forces on Titan.

The Armies of Delanor

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