The Armies of Escalia


Situated on the only land border with the strange and “villainous” Bizyani Sultanate, the Kingdom of Escalia has a long history of war. For decades Escalia has warred with its eastern neighbors (as well as its mainland cousins to the north) and the constant conflict has created a fierce army that has been dubbed the “Army of the Sun,” by the leaders of the Church.

Command of the Sun Army rests directly with the King of Escalia and the priesthood under him. Instead of noblemen commanding the various regiments and brigades, priests and warrior-clerics lead the people of Escalia into battle against their sworn foes. Renown for their religious fervor, the soldiers of Escalia are a deadly lot that will often fight to the death in the name of the Holy Light. In addition to their enthusiasm in battle, the vast gold and silver mines of Escalia ensure that the army is given the best of arms and equipment.

Hard, well-trained, well-equipped, and inspired by a righteous religious devotion, the Army of the Sun, is feared by many.

The Armies of Escalia

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