The Land of Tyvarre

(in progress)

Nestled in a green valley high in the Great Peaks dividing Delanore and the Empire, Tyvarre is a picturisque land with a past as old as the peaks themselves.

Once a prosperous trade route betwen Delanore and the south lands, Tyvarre is a a broken reflection of what it once was. For ages Tyvarre was wealthy and strong and under the old Empire of Delanore played a central trade role in the Peaks. But time took its toll, with the collapse of the old Delanorian Empire and the arrival of the dragon Syllithraz, or Thornhide, some three hundred years ago, Tyvarre fell from its high loft. Under Thornhide the land was scorched and whole towns burned. The Duke, without the help of his old allies was forced to bow to Thornhide and Tyvarre suffered.

This fate might be more than an old tale today if it had not been for the famous knight, and son of the Duke, Sir Aurel Valois. Returned from war abroad, Atrus climbed to the peak of Mount Hellas to seek out and destroy Thornhide. He never returned… but neither did Thornhide.
With the end of Thornhide’s tyranny Tyvarre began to once again prosper. Although obstacles stand in the way of this small valley state, such as the humanoids of the Forgotten Wood, its precarious position between the Empire and Delanore, and even the restlessness of its own leadership, Tyvarre is well on its way to regaining its former prosperity.
But an evil lurks in Tyvarre… an evil that is foreign and wishes to awaken old nightmares to serve its own nefarious goals.

The Land of Tyvarre

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